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August 22, 2022

About the DVD


What are some Hollywood professionals saying about this film?

1. Contested Ground has been accepted into the Covellite International Film Festival.
2. Contested Ground has been submitted to the Sundance Film Festival for consideration.
3. Contested Ground has been officially accepted into the Internet and Movie Database (IMDb)

“The film takes the audio and visuals of presentation and the documentary form, mixed with some good narrative drama technique, to further tell this story with Steve’s unwavering approach to authenticity and fairness. In my journey to shoot and complete this film, I found a renewed appreciation for the history that surrounds the characters as I saw the power of the story come together. The travesty of western expansion has left a stain on our history that can never be washed, so one of my prominent points was to try and put the politics of the story that has been socially propagated in a highly negative manner aside and rather focus more on the “man” and to see how each of these character’s struggles defined their parts of the history while paying special homage in recognizing the tragedies that befell white and Native Americans alike. I wrapped Steve’s incredible narrative up with the use of archive photos, reenactments, sound design, animation, and the actual battlefield locations, which in my most critiquing opinion, leads the audience through a riveting and powerful drama-drenched story that should leaving a resounding resonance on any who watch it.”

— Chris Hoffert, filmmaker

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“I watched with pride and admiration as Chris Hoffert’s student film from my Directing Class, went on to become an award winning series of Classic Westerns.

“Chris has recently been the filmmaking force behind the Documentary, ‘Contested Ground’. A film that provides graphic and meaningful insight into the fateful time, and horrific tragedy that was, Custer’s Last Stand.

“This heartfelt and dramatic Documentary, is a “must see” experience for both film and history buffs alike. ‘Contested Ground’ mixes the best traditions of oral history with the latest in digital filmmaking and provides the viewer with a unique and outstanding experience that tells it like it was, and possibly like it still is . . .”

— David Worth
Director, DP, Author, Lecturer

“Chris Hoffert and Steve Adelson bring reality and grit to the history of the Battle of Little Big Horn and Custer’s Last Stand. This documentary not only depicts the strategies and tactics of both sides but also digs into the personalities and emotions of the all the leaders so the audience can understand the stakes. Steve Adelson’s writing and narration brings to life the emotions of those two days in June of 1876 and Chris Hoffert’s direction brings the vision and depth. Well done.”

— Lee Redmond
Red Beard Films