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August 22, 2022

About the Book

Now in its 3rd Printing with new DVD, “Contested Ground”

Little Bighorn, Voices from a Distant Wind. Steve Adelson

Through the creative pen and narrative of Steve Adelson (author, historian, educator, and presenter), go back in time and come face-to-face with the catastrophic confrontation between Sioux and Cheyenne warriors, led by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, as they desperately try to defend the last vestiges of their way of life against the onslaught of western migration and the U.S. Government’s attempt to subdue their culture forever.

Little Bighorn, Voices from a Distant Wind is a compilation of bio-sketches on the primary characters of the Battle of the Little Bighorn. The lives of George Armstrong Custer, Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, Reno and others are profiled, revealing the events that shaped their lives before, during, and after the battle. Emotionally powerful, this book is the first to paint a picture of the epic fight through riveting lyrical revelations.

Includes maps, historical photographs, annotated index, and List of Illustrations.  Foreword by David P. Harrington, Former Acting Superintendent, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument.
Portraits of the key characters.  Book reviews

Little Bighorn, Voices from a Distant Wind
From San Juan Publishing
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Included with the book, special bonus DVD: the explosively provocative documentary, Contested Ground. From award-winning filmmaker Chris Hoffert with music composed by award- winning composer Skyler O’Neal.
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Book Reviews

“Adelson’s book is a wholly unique contribution to the historiography of Custer’s Last Stand. His narrative is a harmony of graceful rhythms and epic sadness.  His words linger long after the last page is read.”

— Bob Reece, President
Friends of the Little Bighorn Battlefield

Little Bighorn, Voices from a Distant Wind is a new and inspiring volume on America’s brutal and heroic history.  It combines Steve’s tremendous knowledge of the history of the Little Bighorn Battle and those who fought there, with his masterful storytelling skills.”

— Michael Donahue, Park Ranger
and author of  Drawing Battle Lines

“Interpreters who are really good at their  job, leave their audience thinking more deeply about what they have just heard.  Steve leaves his audience enraptured and wanting more.”

— David P. Harrington, Former Acting  Superintendent
Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

“Working with Steve to produce Little Bighorn, Voices From a Distant Wind, has been a delightful, often intense, educational journey. Steve is a stickler for absolute accuracy; I learned a great deal about Custer and the circumstances that created what—to this day—is still so controversial.  Helping an author to birth a new book, especially a first one, is always exciting. Steve’s knowledge of his subject and unique way of presenting it made this project especially rewarding. He was a joy to work with, and his book is truly outstanding.”

— Kathryn R. Burke, Publisher
San Juan Publishing

“The book takes the story to heart with the background of the history as well as Steve’s personal and powerful poetry which paints wonderful visuals through his lyrical wit. I have never met a man so dedicated to the conservation of the true, and often forgotten, aspects of the world and cultures that these men lived and died in during the dark years of the post-civil war era expansionism. It is a wonderful read and truly a first of its kind.”

— Chris Hoffert, filmmaker