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March 25, 2018

San Juan Mountains, Jeeping

Story by Kathryn R. Burke
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They come alone…or in caravans, then join up—convening in a sort of modern day gypsy encampment. Then they’re off again, singly or in groups, winding around and across the mountains like colorful beads in a never-ending necklace.

Their ride is often rugged, the scenery they traverse even more so. But jeepers tend to be a hearty bunch, convivial, adventuresome, and ready for anything, regardless of weather or terrain.

Silverton and the San Juans are particularly suited to four-wheeling adventure. Hard rock history is rife here, with lots of mining relics and ghost towns to explore. Scenery, including wildflowers, waterfalls, and spearing, snow-capped mountains, is drop-dead gorgeous. The air is crisp and clear, a definite respite for urban refugees. The level of driving skill (and passenger patience) required goes from “sit back and relax” to “hair-raising, hang-on-to-the-roll-bar scary.” Even so, regardless of how high you go or how rugged it gets, jeeping in historic mining country is a great experience!

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