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Colorado Sales Tax

If you are a Colorado resident, you may have to pay sales tax on any tangible property you purchase, including books or other items purchased from San Juan Publishing. If your purchase did not include Colorado Sales Tax, please refer to the following notice from the Colorado Division of Taxation. (

When sales tax isn’t collected by the seller on a taxable item purchased from the Internet or mail order catalog, such as clothing, electronics, appliances or other tangible property, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to report and pay use tax. Colorado state use tax is 2.9 percent. Consumers should be aware that some local special districts in Colorado have use tax.
The Colorado Department of Revenue makes it easy to pay consumer use tax through its free Revenue Online service available at

“For Individuals,” click on “File a Return” to complete the Consumer Use Tax Return. The online system has built-in tax rates for the location of the residence mailing address. The easy-to-use system calculates the amount of tax owed based on the purchase total and will help avoid errors.

Use tax for individuals on purchases made during 2015 is due on April 15, 2016.