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Lactose-free Cookbook; Living Deliciously


By Winifred Tappan. Discover the secret of living deliciously even if you suffer from lactose intolerance. This easy-to-follow book offers lots of useful information, resources, and a wealth of tasty, kitchen-tested recipes the whole family will enjoy. It also answers the question, “I’ve been drinking milk for 60 years, why is it bothering me now?”
72 pgs. Color cover. Spiral binding. ISBN 978-0-9857191-8-0.

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This book is the result of several years of dealing personally with a fairly severe lactose intolerance. I grew up with a love of cooking which I still have today. Dealing with lactose intolerance has made me determined to find a way to enjoy my favorite foods without becoming ill in the process. This book has also come about in response to requests from friends and acquaintances for some of my recipes. Many of them do not have access to computers, and need a book to hold in their hands. This book is my attempt at a remedy. I hope that it helps.

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