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Horse Colors


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By Alice Billings.  Interactive story book with 28 original drawings for coloring and making up a creative story to go with the drawing.

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Horse Colors.  This is a coloring book for kids of all ages. It’s an interactive project, encouraging story telling along with coloring of the 28 of Alice’s whimsical drawings. The author encourages you to “let your imagination run free” as you color your horse, and on the adjoining page, name your horse and tell it’s story. She gives a suggestion to help start your story at the top of each ‘editorial’ page.

This book may also be purchased, in quantity, for education purposes. Please contact us here for more information.

About the author. “Author, artist, horsewoman, Alice Billings is ‘the Horse Lady. Meeting her, talking with her, you sense this immediately. It’s not the scruffy hat, or the manure-bottomed boots, or even the bits of hay in her hair. It’s the look in her eye when she talks about her beloved horses. Then you look at her art and there is no doubt, all that emotion and feeling, color and line, just leaps from the canvas and captures your heart. As it surely has captured hers. Alice Billings’ artwork is joyous, vibrant, alive. It’s interactive. Makes you want to throw out your arms and just plain, hug a horse!.”  [Read full story on Alice’s website, which also displays her artwork.]
— Kathryn R. Burke

81/2″ X 11″ Full Color. Coil Binding. Illustrated, original art. 50 pgs. ISBN 978-0-9979337-2-7. First printing November 2016.

Also by this author: Hooey, full color book with original art.