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Grappling With Government Abuse: My Social Security Nightmare


By Winifred Tappan. One teachers nightmare – the story of a retired teacher’s battle with the Social Security administration.   40 pgs.  ISBN 978-0-9834423-9-4.

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This book is my story of a retired teacher’s battle with the Social Security administration. The struggle to resolve my Social Security problems took eight years. It was frustrating, often confusing and uncertain, and at times made me downright angry.

I hope that sharing my experience will benefit someone, somewhere, who may also be caught in the same web of what I call “government abuse.” In the Appendix I’ve included copies of several documents and forms used by myself and/or my attorneys that can help in the Appeals Process. I hope these and my story will give you the tools and inspiration to solve any problem you may be having with Social Security. Be sure, it is possible to prevail.

I began this journey by getting my Bachelor’s Degree at age 50. My first teaching position was four years in Parkersburg, West Virginia. After three more years teaching in Magdalena, New Mexico and earning a Masters Degree in Education at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico, I moved to Colorado. I taught for the next 9+ years for the Delta County School System at Cedarege High School. I retired at age 67 in May of 1992. I then tutored and taught summer school for Delta County until age 74, finishing my career with one more year tutoring for Montrose County Schools. “Grappling With Government Abuse” is my first book.

Another person available to help is Jack McKenna CAA, CFP ©. He is specializing in Social Security rules and regulations, and would like to help anyone who has questions about their benefits. Besides this website, he can be reached at His phone number is (970) 249-3499.

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