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Family Ties Through Changing Times


By Carol Anne Bucy. Inspiring, optimistic, and filled with hope. Carol’s life experiences and education related to parenting, relationships, self-help, health, faith, and caregiving helped form her perspective as she offers guidelines for living, and suggests ideas for coping with our changing times and for managing our complicated lives.

6″x9″ Soft cover, color. 194 pgs. Includes Carol’s inspirational and educational ‘Suggested Reading List.’  ISBN: 978-0-9771376-9-5



Family Ties Through Changing Times. For 16 years Carol kept in touch with extended family through a series of contemplative editorials and newsletters that share her views on our changing world. The tumultuous years from 1999-2015 were challenging for us all, and Carol wanted to help her family, and herself, to cope. She expressed what was on her mind, on her personal journey living in southwest Colorado.

Comments from reviews:
• Carol’s musings and reflections on life and its many facets portray the heart of a wise, observant, and caring woman. • Meaningful thoughts for what is important in our daily lives. • A breath of fresh air to just sit down, read, and thoroughly enjoy! • Full of wisdom for dealing with the things that matter the most in life—relationships with loved ones, growing, and meeting the challenges that we all face. • A contemplative journey through life’s challenges & changes. • The author’s positive attitude shines through her life experiences.
• A must-read for anyone who is feeling lost, and a definite re-read for anyone who has gotten a little lax in keeping up with their Grateful List.

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