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Caregiver’s Cookbook


2nd Edition, Revised. Available beginning October 25, 2018 from publisher through the holiday season. Buy in person from author Oct 25, ADRC Resource Expo, Delta, Nov. 2&3, Holiday Bazaar, Montrose, and Nov. 10, Ouray Event.

Caregiver Cookbook. Over 100 original color photos and more than 50 unique recipes. By Kathryn R. Burke, author of the Caregiver’s Journey series. From San Juan Publishing. 8-1/2″ X 11.″ Full Color. Spiral binding. Printed on heavy, soft-gloss stock for wearability and long-term handling. Original photography. 76 pgs. ISBN: 978-0-9979337-7-2.

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Full-color Caregiver Cookbook includes Buying, Storing, Fixing, and Serving Food.  Recipes: Breakfast (or anytime) Meals; One-pot Meals—soups, stews, Slow-cooker Specials; Veggie Side Dishes; Bake & Broil, Eat Now or Save for Later; Stove-top Quick Meals; Salads; Tips for Caregivers.

Kate Burke is author of Caregiver Journey series. Her message here, with over 50 of her recipes and more than 100 original color photographs as she buys, prepares, and serves food, is that food, from buying it to consuming it, can be a wonderful way to facilitate Caregiver Companionship—something you enjoy doing together. 

Parent, child, spouse, friend: everyone is a Caregiver at some point in their life.  This book isn’t just about cooking. It’s also about companionship.