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Social Media Marketing.  Classes, Workshops, Presentations

Introduction to Social Media. 
How we got here. What is Social Media and why do we use it? What’s next? Choosing and integrating different SM platforms, and deciding which one (or group) will work best for you.
We recommend this class for everyone before a basic or advanced class.
This is not a workshop, but an informative power point presentation with Q&A session.
Instructor: Kathryn R. Burke. Learn more here.
No equipment required, but you may bring phone or laptop if you wish. 
Class time 1-1/2 hours.
Instructors may vary.  Contact us to register

You will need a smart phone AND a laptop for these worskshops, both with WiFi and mail program installed.
PLEASE KNOW YOUR PASSWORDS to access your WiFi, phone, mail, and other programs.
If you use 2-step verification on your device, please turn it OFF during the workshop.
Introduction to Social Media is a pre-requisite.  Pre-registration recommended. Instructors may vary.  
Contact us to register.

Social Media for Personal Use  (New 2019)
Posting pictures and sharing posts on Facebook and Instagram. 
Class time 2 hours* with half hour break.

Social Media for Business Use. Overview (New 2019)
Introduction to and comparison of various SM platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. How to use together with your web page. How and when to use e-blasts.
Introduction to Social Media is a pre-requisite.
Class time 2 hours* with half hour break.

What is it? How does it work? Can it work for you? Compare to Pinterest. 
Class time 1-1/2 hours.

Not just for teenyboppers. Why is it listed number 2 on Best Technology Tools. What is it for? How to you use it.
Class time 1-1/2 hours. 

You will need WiFi, a mail program, a smart phone AND a laptop for this class.
Introduction to Social Media is a prerequisite.
A photo-editing program, like Photoshop, and text editor, such as MS Word, is recommended.
Instructors may vary.Contact us to register.

Facebook 1. Advertising
How much does it cost? How do I ‘boost’ my post and do I really need to do that? Get the answers and learn about Facebook boosting, ad building, ad costs, and ad campaign tracking. Follow up with Facebook Advertising 2, which has much more detail. If you don’t have a FB business page, we’ll help you set one up. Learn more here.
Class time 2 hours* with half hour break.

Facebook 2 FB advertising on your FB Business page
Objectives, demographics, budget, campaign. Post & Boost, Event & Boost, or FB ad?
Pre-requisite – FB Business Page and Facebook 1, Advertising.
Class time 2 hours* with half hour break. 

To Tweet or Not to Tweet. Good question. We don’t like Twitter, but we’ll explain what it is, how to use it and how NOT to use it.
Opportunity to create a Twitter account and make a post.
Class time 2 hours* with half hour break.

Newsletters – E-blast 
When to send. What to include. Defining a target audience. Integrating with website and other social media.
Rules and regulations of media mail programs. How to ‘opt out.’
Opportunity to set up a free Mail Chimp account and design a newsletter template
Class time 2 hours* with half hour break.

Posting. Joining Groups. Articles and longer posts. Compare to Twitter. 
Opportunity to setup your own LinkedIn account and make a post.
Class time 1-1/2 hours. 

Cost and class times
Free to members of Montrose Woman’s Club and members of Time Bank of the Rockies. $25./pp (cash at the door) all others.
Two hour classes* offer coffee, tea, light refreshments. Handouts for all classes.
$1 donation/pp please to help with the food and materials cost is appreciated.
Contact us for dates and locations of class times. Instructors may vary.
Bring your laptop and your smart phone – both with WiFi. 
Minimum 6 registrants. Pre-registration recommended for basic classes; required for advanced worskhops.
Contact us to register 

Need more help?
Note: Optional classes (or private instruction)  may be scheduled if enough people need more detailed time on one of the advanced classes..
This decision is usually made near the end of a workshop session.
We do not offer instruction on how to register, create, build, or maintain your own website.