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June 28, 2018

Event Planning


Event Planning & Management

Call on us if you need help scheduling, planning, orchestrating, and conducting an event. We do it all, from inception to post-event clean-up and critiquing.  

Events – the PLAN

What are your goals?  What kind of event are you thinking of?  We help you figure it out what is should look like. Where to hold it.  How to decorate. Who will attend and why. How best to find and engage them? Do you need volunteers?  Where can you find them.  How much help do you need? We help devise a budget then determine how to cover the costs.  How much to charge?  How much to raise for non-profit or charity event.   We help you build an Event Plan.

Events – the PRESENTER

Your topic or function determines who should present, who will be the right keynote speaker to draw an enthused audience (and not put people to sleep or have them leave early). If you want to make this a regular or repeat event, topic speakers are key to future events. Bad speaker and poor repeat turnout.  Good speaker and you need so book a larger venue!  We also help negotiate speaking fees to fit your budget. If you are going to present, and haven’t done it much (or at all) before, we will coach you. Even if you are a seasoned presenter, we still advise.  If you need us to do it for you, we will be up on the stage with you, or in your place if you can’t make it or chicken out at the last minute.

Events – the PROCESS

Now for the details that make your event special and memorable. We help plan the menu and arrange for the food and beverage service, and if necessary, hire the wait staff to tend bar and wait tables (or locate volunteers to do that). We design the promotional material and marketing campaign to sell your event. You want flowers?  Balloons? Cutsy baby decor or somber black ‘over the hill’ decor? We’ve got you covered. A carriage ride or have the guest of honor arrive on a motorcycle (yup, we did that once!)  Crap and poker tables and dealers? We’ll get them.  Event planning is basically party planning and we do parties really well.  

Events – the MECHANICS

Besides procuring special equipment, like crap tables, kiddy rides, pink flamingos for the lawn or balloons for the birthday girl, or making sure the flowers arrive on time—the flowers we ordered and arranged to be delivered—we also manage pre-publicity. We do radio, print, and social media to announce your event and encourage people to attend. We help you setup pre-payment if that’s on your agenda (especially if it’s an online situation). You need handouts? We’ll design and print them and have them at the event. Need someone to hand them out, take tickets, greet guests? We do that too.  Need a Power Point presentation, or video? We are design experts and do PowerPoints in our sleep. For video, we usually hire it out if you want a professional presentation. And if the speakers don’t have a presentable presentation, we make sure to build it for them. If they are late arriving, we entertain the audience until they get there. If they arrive without their presentation materials, we go into emergency mode and help create a substitute. One of our frequent assists is to man the projector, or provide projector and screen if the venue doesn’t have one or their equipment fails. (You’d be surprised at how often that happens!)  Oh, we do sound checks and stage management too. And arrange for lodging and transportation for your guest speakers, help them with their presentation materials, and meet them for lunch, cocktails, dinner, whatever is needed to keep them happy. When they have their own staffing issues, as once happened with a popular musician, we’re helping with wardrobe changes, dressing room areas, and even up on stage making introductions.

Whatever the event requires, whatever you need, unexpected —there is always the unexpected—or unexpected, we will set it up and manage it for you.

All you have to do is show up and take the credit!  (And collect the money, although we even manage that for you if needed.)

Some of our Event Planning and Management Services.
Design the event. Help you come up with the idea, massage it, figure out the best way to present it.
Figure out how to pay for it.  Make money on the event, if that’s your goal, or raise money if it’s a charitable event.
Help with decorations and theme – designing and creating (or procuring) decorative elements.
Locate and schedule venue. 
Book, orchestrate, and manage food and beverage service, and find bartenders and waitstaff if needed.
Schedule the presenters (speakers), especially the keynoter.
Prepare presentation materials if needed.
Prepare handouts and publicity material.
Verify equipment works and provide some if it doesn’t.
Manage set-up and tear-down after event.

Sidebar photography notes.  We planned and orchestrated all components for these events, with special emphasis as noted below. We also were official event photographers.

   1. Event banquet. Catering, full bar, music, and decorations. We even made the programs, themed decorations, and meal tickets!
   2. Trade show. Shared booth space with local businesses, marketing their services as well as our own. We also created  video and PowerPoint presentations; designed and printed handouts.
   3. Special event. Pre- and post publicity, marketing, catering, venue and guest speaker selection. We also hosted guest speaker and arranged for lodging.
   4. 90th birthday party. She wanted to come on a motorcycle, and we made that happen. She loves to dance, so we arranged for music and a dancing partner. She has special dietary needs, so we had food she could enjoy including an incredible dairy-free, decadent chocolate cake! 
   5. Diva Theme table. We made all the decorations, by hand, and selected the lovely table furnishings. We created special programs with a Diva quiz for each guest, along with unique, themed table gifts. All guests dressed the part.
   6. Outdoor Concert. From sound-check to on-stage introduction, we managed the entire event, which also included outdoor vendor tables. We also arranged for talent and his lodging and handled event photography.
   7. Lovely luncheon fundraiser for non-profit organization. Planned, designed theme, selected music and entertainment. which included a fashion show. We did it all except cook the food.


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