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krb-caregiver-summit-speaking3Kathryn Burke speaking at the Caregiver Summit.

2020 Events – none at this time due to Covid-19

2019 Events

Friday, April 5, 10 am-6 pm.and Saturday, April 6, 9 am-3 pm. Bookseller at Montrose Woman’s Club Flea Market, Friendship Hall, Montrose Fairgrounds, Montrose CO.

Friday, May, 7-9 pm. Presentation and video, “Veteran recounts memories of Stalig 17.’ First Friday at Maggie’s Books. With SJPG author Winifred Tappan.  345 E. Main, Montrose CO

Monday, May 13, 1 pm. Presentation, Tales of the Bachelor Mine. Lunch & Learn with Kathryn Burke. Montrose Pavilion. Montrose CO

Friday, June 7, 6:30 pm. ‘Selling books with Social Media’ with Kate Burke. Cortez Library, Cortez CO
and Saturday, June 8, 10 am – 5 pm. Book Signings & Sales. Cortez Literary Festival. Cortez Library, Cortez CO. Presenter: Selling With Social Media, time TBA.

Thursday, July 17, 7 pm. Crusaders for Wildlife Presentation, Book Signing & Sale. With SJPG author, Glen Hinshaw. 7 pm. Creede Community Church, Creede, Colorado

Friday, Oct. 11, 4 pm. Presentation,‘Railroads and Movies.’ With Kathryn R. Burke. Church of the San Juans. Ridgway CO

Saturday, Oct. 12.10 am- 5 pm. Ridgway West Fest Sales & Signing.  San Juan Publishing, with local authors, 4-H Center, Ouray County Fairgrounds, Ridgway CO

Friday Nov. 1, 10 am-6 pm and Saturday, Nov. 2 9 am-3 pm. Montrose Woman’s Club Holiday Bazaar. Bookseller, San Juan Publishing. With local authors.

Saturday, Nov. 9. Ouray Library Christmas Carol Luncheon. Hostess, library fundraiser. Ouray, CO. 


L-R: Author Carol Bucy, illustrator Bryce Chismire (seated), authors Nicki Parsons, Kate Burke, and Glen Hishaw (seated). 

Earlier this year…

Jan. 14. Crusaders for Wildlife. Lunch & Learn Presentation with SJPG Author Glen Hisnshaw. Montrose Pavilion. Montrose CO

Jan.28. Presentation and Book Signing. With author Glen Hinshaw. Outwest Books, Grand Junction Co

Feb. 11. Utah’s Colorful Parks. Lunch & Learn Presentation by Kathryn R. Burke. Montrose Pavilion. Montrose CO

March 7, Book Launch, Signing & Sales. With author Winifred Tappan for Silent Voices. Marriott Hotel, San Diego CA


Jan. 11. Alaska from the Inland Passage.  Montrose Pavilion. Montrose CO  (With Kate Burke and Madeline Lake. Includes presentations on land and sea trips.)

Mar. 8. Is it Alzheimer’s or is it Lewy Body?  (Kathryn Burke) Montrose Pavilion.  Montrose CO

June 7.  Caregiver Summit, Montrose Pavilion. 8 am-3 pm. Montrose CO. SJPG was not attending, but we are a sponsoring vendor.

July 14, Maggie’s Books. 10 am-2pm. Booksigning at Maggies Books, Montrose. Local history authors. With Gerald Swanson (Silverton), Wini Tappan, Nicki Parsons.

Aug. 13.  Custer’s Indian Fights and The Little Bighorn Battle.  (Kathryn Burke) Montrose Pavilion. Montrose CO  (Includes ppt presentation with rare historical photographs and DVD documentary by author Steve Adelson).

Sep. 17. All Aboard! History of railroad in San Juan Mountains. Montrose Pavilion. Montrose CO  (With Kate Burke, includes historic photos by James Burke and photos from Railfest and fall photographer’s special.)

Oct. 15. San Juan Mountain Railroads history. Montrose Woman’s Club. Members and invited guests. (With Kate Burke. (Includes slide show and historic railroad photos.)

Oct. 25. ADRC Regional Resource Fair.  Bill Heddles Recreation Center, Delta, CO.  (With SJPG authors Kate Burke, Carol Bucy. Glen Hinshaw.)

Nov. 2, 10-6 and Nov. 3, Montrose Women’s Club Holiday Bazaar. Friendship Hall, Montrose CO. With SJPG authors and artists. Alice Billings doing ‘quick sketch’ on Saturday.

Nov. 10. Holiday lunch and fashion show, fundraiser for Ouray Library. Invited guests only for event, but vendor area featuring our books open 10:30 a.m.-noon.

Nov. 17. Annual Non-profit Holiday Show. 4-H Center, Ouray County Fairgrounds. Portion of SJPG sale proceeds donated to Alzheimers, Lewy Body, and Parkinsons foundations.

Dec. 5.  Custer’s Indian Fights and The Little Bighorn Battle.  7-9 pm. (Kathryn Burke) Montrose Historical Society. Pioneer Hall, Montrose Fairgrounds. Montrose CO

Dec. 7. Crusaders for Wildlife. Booksigning and Book Talk. 7-9 pm. With Glen Hinshaw. Maggie’s Books. 345 E. Main., Montrose, CO.

Illustrator Bryce Chismire, author and publisher Kathryn Burke. Offering special discount on caregiver books.

Past Events

Christmas Carol Luncheon, Ouray Library Fundraiser
November 11 , 2017.  Ouray Community Center, Ouray Colorado.  
(Sponsored by Friends of the Ouray Library)

2017 Holiday Bazaar,  Montrose CO
November 3 & 4 , 2017.  Friendship Hall, Montrose, Colorado. 
(Sponsored by Montrose Women’s Club)

2017 Delta Senior Expo
October 26, 2017. Bill Heddles Recreation, Delta, Colorado
The Caregiver’s Journey/ LBDA & Dementia Support. (Sponsored by Region 10 and Delta ADRC)

2017 Stress Management 101
October 12, 2017. Senior Center. Montrose Pavilion,
Montrose, Colorado 
(Sponsored by Golden Circle, Senior Center)
Learn how to manage stress—applies to everyone, not just Caregivers!

2017 Caregivers’ Summit: Building Your Care Team
April 25, 2017. Grace Community Church. Montrose, Colorado
Sponsored by Region 10, ADRC, AARP
Guest Speaker, Kathryn R. Burke. Building Your Care Team

2016 Winter Celebration Holiday Show
December 2 & 3, 2016
Friendship Hall, Montrose County Fairgrounds, Montrose, Colorado
(Presentations by local & regional authors.  San Juan Publishing)

Shoppers and vendors fill Friendship Hall Friday at the Montrose Women’s Club annual Hobby and Crafts Bazaar. (Paul Hurschmann/Montrose Daily Press) Pictured left corner, San Juan Publishing booth.

Shoppers and vendors fill Friendship Hall Friday at the Montrose Women’s Club annual Hobby and Crafts Bazaar. (Paul Hurschmann/Montrose Daily Press). Pictured left corner, San Juan Publishing booth. L-R Jean Bower, Carol McDermott, Carol Bucy at table. Kate Burke (red shirt) in front of table on right.

2016 MWC Holiday Show

Friday, November 4 & 5, 2016
Friendship Hall, Montrose County Fairgrounds. Montrose, Colorado. (fundraiser for local charities)
(Presentations by  San Juan Publishing authors)



2016 Holiday Bazaar
November 12, 2016
Montrose Methodist Church, Montrose, Colorado
(with San Juan Publishing authors)


ADRC Senior Expo*
From Panic to Peace of Mind
October 27, 2016, 8 am-2 pm
Bill Heddles Recreation Center, Delta, Colorado

 Books, Coffee, Conversation with Carol Bucy, Carol McDermott, Wini Tappan
July 15-16, 2016.  Coffee Trader, Montrose

Booksigning: Kathryn Burke & WiniTappan, Author, A Pilot’s View of World War II
Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Senior Center, Pavilion, Montrose, Colorado
Hosted by Golden Circle, Senior Center

Talk: Caregiver’s Journey, Navigating the Path
‘Managing Stress’

Wednesday, June 22, 2016. Montrose Library, Montrose, Colorado. Sponsored by Montrose Library District

Talk: The Caregiver’s Journey: ‘The Power of Positivity’
Sunday, June 19, 2016 (Father’s Day). Listen here.
Montrose Methodist Church, Montrose, Colorado
Kathryn R, Burke guest speaker


Kathryn Burke, Carol McDermott, Carol Bucy, Glen Hinshaw.

Booksigning. Meet Local Authors
Wednesday, June 8, 2016. Holiday Inn Montrose, Colorado
With local authors Kathryn Burke, Carol Bucy, Carol McDermott, Wini Tappan, and Glen Hinshaw. Also books by Steve Adelson, Alice Billings, Jane Bennett, James Burke, Ouray Ranch History
Hosted by Holiday Inn Montrose.  Sponsored by San Juan Publishing.
History: mining, railroad, ranch, war, western. Art, poetry, self help including life management and Caregiving (Burke, Hinshaw, Bucy).


Guest Speaker, Kathryn R. Burke. 2016 Caregiver Summit & Retreat *
Topic: The Caregiver’s Journey, Navigating the Path
Sponsored by Region 10, ADRC. Thursday, May 19, 2016. Montrose, Colorado


2015 Winter Celebrations. Show and Sale
With Burke and local authors. Sponsored by San Juan Publishing
Dec. 4 & 5, 2015. Friendship Hall, Montrose, Colo.