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Carol McDermott

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An an accomplished writer, editor, and contributor to many local publications, Carol McDermott is also a well known and well-respected woman who is active in many civic organizations in her hometown, Montrose, Colorado. She’s served on the City Council, where she wore the mayor’s hat for a term. Although retired from teaching, Carol continues to teach college classes and tutor and produces works for professional teachers and books for children. During the summer, she is Montrose’s ‘Main in Motion’ storyteller. As for her wonderful, whimsical poetry, Carol says: “I write poetry to please myself.”  Her poetry also pleases everyone who reads it!

Carol grew up a “Navy brat” in Pearl Harbor, where her father was stationed. She claims she is Hawaiian, because she was born there, and continues to practice the Hawaiian culture, which is an integral aspect of her personality and her poetry.

Her new book, Bits and Pieces, is a glimpse of  Western Colorado living from a poet’s perspective written by  She shares her thoughts and feelings with word pictures about People, Places, Mountains, and Colorado Winter. Reviewers note:

B008SC-CM15-bits2“A delightful, sometimes serious, often whimsical trip down Carol’s personal memory lane.  Her poetry deftly portrays her life experiences.”
“Piquant and refreshing, Carol’s poetry is delivered with humor, stripped of ambiguity.”
Bits and Pieces gives us a glimpse into Carol’s unique view of her world as she shares colorful, evocative images with word pictures.”

Bit’s and Pieces is also listed on Amazon.  If you buy from Amazon, please leave a nice comment about Carol’s book.
Carol’s book may be available at the following bookstores.  Contact them first to see if they have her book in stock. 
Maggie’s Books, 345 E. Main, Montrose CO. (970) 275-8419
Buckskin Books, 505 Main St., Ouray CO. (970) 325-4044
Ouray County Historical Museum, 420 6th Ave., Ouray CO. (970) 325-4576
Out West Books, 533 Main St., Grand Junction CO. (970) 986-8086
Ute Indan Museum, 17253 Chipeta Rd, Montrose CO. 970-249-3098
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Carol also has notecards of some of her poems. Contact her here for more information.