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October 4, 2015

Book Design

See examples of cover and interior: A Pilot’s View, Bachelor Mine, Bits & Pieces, Hooey, Cookbook, Iron Horse & I, Little Bighorn, Ranch History.

Totally Customized Publishing

From your first thought about writing a book to holding the first printed copy in your hands, we help make your author’s journey a successful one. We work closely with you on conceptual design and advise on content. We help with photographs and copy, offering suggestions throughout the process. When your manuscript is ready to print, our eagle-eyed editors make sure it’s perfect. If you are using photographs or other graphic material, our designers make it shine. If you need help writing your book, we’ll even ghost write it for you.

One-on-one Customer Service

Hand-holding, one-to-one, custom book publishing. We help you choose the most cost-effective way to get published. This isn’t an el cheapo web link that forces you “pick from our limited book design templates” so your book can look like everybody else’s, then make you buy your own book, one book at a time. We’ll get you printed and store your book if you wish. With San Juan Publishing, you will own your own book and hold the copyright. We don’t hoard your files and charge you an arm and a leg to release them later. In fact, we insist that you keep a current backup copy throughout the entire publishing! And when it’s printed, we will help you sell your book.

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