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May 29, 2015

Book Signing & Meet Author Wini Tappan

Fri., June 5, 1-4 pm
Holiday Inn Express, Montrose


tn-Winifred_Tappanbook-APilots-reviewWinifred Tappan’s newest book, ‘A Pilot’s View of WWII.’ is a riveting recital of combat and camaraderieas told by a World War II bomber pilot, Robert Boecking (who retired to Ouray and now lives in Montrose, Colo.) He flew the B-17 Flying Fortress in the 379th heavy Bomb Group, 8th Air Force stationed at Kimbolten Air Field, Eng land during World War II.

WINI&BOB2Tappan’s outstanding book includes the actual pages of Boecking’s Mission Journal detailing all 36 missions completed in 1944, as well as 33 historical photographs and a detailed Mission Map. Also included is an interview with a woman (then a young-girl) who was on the ground while Boecking’s bomber flew overhead. Boecking’s story is is chilling, yet sprinkled with moments of humor. It an reflects the incredible dangers, moments of terror and unbelievable courage of those young men who flew their Flying Fortresses through ground flak and enemy planes to reach their targets.

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Author’s Note. The name “The Flying Fortress” was first used by Richard Williams, a Seattle news reporter, describing the B-17’s defensive firepower. (3) Equipped with 13 machine guns and 8,000 pounds of bombs, it was a formidable strategic weapon. This potent, high-flying, long-range bomber could also defend itself and still return home despite extensive damage. The Flying Fortress dropped more bombs—640,000 over Germany—and inflicted more damage, than any other aircraft in World War II. By September 1944, of the 40 bomb groups of the Eighth Air Force – including the 379th Bomb Group, 27 used B-17s. (4)


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