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March 18, 2013


Getting to the top of the Search List is easy peesy!

Who will find you? How will they find you? Do you take a chance that the universe will deliver? Nope. If you want Search Engines to find you, you need to give them some pointers.

Now, you can drop a bundle on an outfit that promises you will be at the top of your category. But consider that there could be hundreds, even thousands of other domain owners that paid for the same deal that you did, with the same meta data and search words. Really? And you buy into the deal? Big waste of money. Huge!

WordPress has SEO pretty much built in. However, there are also some plugins we can attach to your site that will also help you move your page to the top of your catgegory. And they are free.

You want results? Work with us! We know how to get results!

We add the SEO plugins to your web site and help you set up your pages so the “green light” is always on. Example below is from one of our clients who needed to make the top of the list in any search. Here’s how we made that happen for them!


Pages with green dots indicate they are fully in compliance. Yellow dot means page needs a little work. After that you get orange (not so good) and red (not good at all). The trick is in how you write the meta data description to match the chosen key words – and those key words are based on our Google Analytics Reports about website traffic.

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