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Social Media Classes   

All classes held at Montrose Association of Realtors, 125 Merchant Dr., Montrose, CO. Pre-registration required. Enter your contact information above and click on button below to register. Coffee and pastry provided. Classes are $20/pp. Free to MAR members. Minimum class size, 6 people. Maximum 25. If too many sign up, we will contact you about an alternate date.

We HIGHLY recommend you take the Introduction to Social Media Class before workshop classes like this one. If you haven’t yet taken it, please call us for the next class. Learn more about the evolution of Social Media here and how it impacts all aspects of our lives.


2017 Schedle

Thr., Nov. 2. 9-10:30 am. Introductio to Social Media 
Discussion of history and development of Social Media and why it is so important today for marketing products and services. Examples and comparisons of different social media platforms, how they work, and why. Bring your laptop.  If you already have a website and Facebook (or other social media) page, we will show you how t integrate them.  If you need a little help with your Facebook business page, come at 8:30, and I’ll try to help you before we start the class. Please let us know, though, so we can be there early for you.  Scroll down to form below to sign up.  If you need help with a website or social media, I am available for consultations and can help you set them up. Scroll down to form below to contact me.

Thr., Dec. 7. 9-10:30 am. Facebook Advertising. Boosting. Tracking FB ads (website interactvity) with ‘FB pixels ‘
Bring your laptop. In this class, you will create a Facebook ad, learn how to boost it, and how much that costs.  You will also learn how to track your ad campaign with Facebook Pixels. You must have both a FB business page and a website (where we can designate a landing page for your ad campaign.  If you don’t have either, contact me about setting them up. Scroll down to form below to sign up.

Use the form below to sign up for our next class, inquire about future classes, or request a marketing consultation. If you need a website or help setting up a FB business page, please call for an appointment.


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We weed out the junk—there’s a ton of it, and more every day, all trying to get you to ‘buy’ some service. Buyer beware!  Know what your getting before you sign a service contract.  We’ll  share information we found helpful, and we think might be helpful to you, so you can save you time and money by learning how to do a lot of this yourself.

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  • Social Media Class Thur. Nov. 2, 2017. Facebook Ads & Boosts.

    Bring your laptop. You will need to have Business Facebook Page you can edit. If you don't have a Facebook page, we will help you set one up. You will learn how to create a Facebook ad, share it, link to a webpage, or 'Boost' your ad and understand what that costs. We will also show instructional video.
  • Social Media Class Thr., Dec 7, 2017. Tracking with Facebook Pixels

    This is a workshop. Bring your laptop. You must have a business facebook page and website page. You will learn how to make a Facebook ad that directs people to a landing page on your website, and how to track your ad campaign with Facebook Pixels. If you don't have a FB page or a website, PLEASE contact me at least 2 weeks PRIOR to schedule an appointment to help you set up a business FB page and website. These take time, so we will probably have you schedule this class for after you have the necessary digital tools in place.
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