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September 20, 2013



Target Marketing

We help you set measurable goals and build a Marketing Plan to meet them.  Working together, we research your market (and your competition), identify and define your preferred client or customer (your Target Market) and determine the best ways to reach them —without being annoying about it.  San Juan Publishing helps you find the secret to your own success and guides you through the steps to accomplish your goals.

Business Development and Market Awareness

We create Multi-media, custom-designed packages to attract and engage existing and prospective clients and customers.
Branding. Business idenity that makes you unique and tells who you are.
Internet marketing.
 Website design, hosting and Social Media management.
Print presentations. Branding, business identity, marketing tools including business cards, brochures, rack cards, signs, banners.
Video. For internet marketing, public presentations, radio, TV.
Public Presentations. PowerPoint or combined media on-screen presentations, coaching and follow-up critiquing.
Event Management, planning, scheduling (venue, speaker, food & beverage, staffing, media requirements, etc.), preparation (presentations, print material, etc).
Specialty promotional and marketing items like calendars, pens, clothing, post cards, holiday cards, invitations.
Public Relations & Promoton. Write and place editorial, with photographs, in print and online publications. Schedule broadcast, with you or us as the presenter.

2018 Social Media Marketing Workshops & Instruction

Learn how to use digital technology to improve sales performance.

The world is online, and although you probably are, too, how deeply have you delved into internet communication and marketing.  No matter where you are—from “I don’t use it” to I’m an expert”—we can help.   We offer instruction in workshop format, or one-on-one if you need that, in most social media platforms, including the following.  If you need help with something else, just let us know.

Introduction to Social Media  •  Responsive Websites  •  Facebook 1, Create and use FB Business Page  •  Facebook 2, Advanced FB advertising  •  Twitter  •  LinedIn  •  Instagram & Pinterest  •  Snapchat   •  Newsletters •  E-Blasts.
San Juan Publishing is your Marketing Maven.  Contact us to day to help you master SM Marketing tools.



We will help you develop programs and devise marketing plans where the goal is for you to actually make money!
(As opposed to ‘shotgun’ marketing where you throw money out there on a variety of methods and hope one of them bags a customer.)

Some of the services we offer.
Business Development & Marketing Consulting
Imaging & Branding
Target Marketing
Business Planning
Mutual Marketing
Print, Broadcast, Internet Marketing
Interactive Internet Presentations

For questions, more information about our marketing services,  please contact us today.

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