Multi-media Communication & Presentation

February 16, 2011

Visual Communication & Presentation

That’s what we do. And we can do it for you.

Author? We will publish your book (print and/or e-book) and help you market it.
Artist or Photographer? We will help you present your work to a buying public.
Business owner? We will help you make your business more visible and more viable.
Got an idea and don’t know what to do with it or how to promote it? We can help.

Here are some of the services we offer, all of them designed to help you make more money from what it is that you do — or you want to do.

We believe in creativity, and our passion is building success from creative endeavors.

Internet Marketing – Web visibility that works. It’s all about connection, and connection doesn’t happen automatically just because you put up a website. Visual communication is what we do best, and we do it really well on the Internet.

Web sites – the world is on the web now, and if you aren’t there yet, you should be. San Juan Publishing builds awesome, affordable, custom web sites, and we were doing it even before they started teaching it in your kid’s school. And we do it a lot better than what they’re teaching those same kids today. Experience counts!
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Social Networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, UTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever else they dream up next. We build it and post it specialized for your specific needs. Social Media is another way to be seen and heard. Let us help you navigate through the tangled web of the web. Working with you, we can help you select the best social networking venues, post your pages, help you  keep your posts fresh and current.

Online advertising – the web reaches more people in less time for less cost at any given moment than any other media. If you want an accurate presentation of who you are, what you do, what products and services you offer, then your message needs to be professionally presented. We do that.

Print Publications – Print isn’t dead, it’s just changed to more specific, targeted presentations. We’ve been doing print since paste-up and we’re really good at it.
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Print advertising – magazines and newspapers. We publish them, do the design for the entire publication and all that is in it. Nobody does it better. If you want an ad in a print publication, have us design it for you. Chances are, we probably already have you in our files, if you live in western Colorado or the Four Corners and have been in business for a year or more. If not, check out what we can do, then let us do it for you.

Marketing Materials – Branding and packaging. Business cards, flyers, brochures, rack cards. The printed material you hand out to others says a lot about you. You might be thinking “Home-made” saves money, but it really doesn’t in the long run. And it is sure to give the wrong message. If you want a professional image, let us help you get the right message to the right people.

Book Publishing – We do know print, and we do have the expertise to produce, package, print, and promote your book. We cab help you tell your story in an attractive, professional publication that sells.
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Specialty publications – Magazines and catalogs, mainstream, location- or subject-specific, non-profit organizations—whatever your need, you need it to look as professional as possible. Your print presentations, from the smallest effort to the big blockbuster, should be exciting, colorful, well-designed, well written, current, pertinent to your profession, organization, company, or personal use. When you want to put out this kind of publication, you definitely need professional help. That would us. San Juan Publishing is a reliable publishing company that’s been in business more than 20 years and has a dedicated following.

Broadcast – Radio and television are still a terrific marketing choice. The trick is knowing where to go, what spots to buy, and how to target your market before you whip out the credit card. Let us help you avoid “shotgunning” useless air time and pick the perfect spots to grab your audience and get them to crank up their credit cards!

The basics – Print or web. Visual presentation that tells your story.

Graphic Design – It all starts with good graphic design. A cohesive cross-media presentation that incorporates your branding and tells your unique message. Graphic design is our strong suit.
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Copy-writing – Editorial – Sometimes you need the right words, and this is another area where we shine. We’ve produced hundreds of well-written, published articles, web posts, and broadcast copu, all right on target, perfectly conveying the essence of its subject. Nothing stops a viewer faster than miss-spelled words or awkward phrasing. We right tight and we use editors to catch our mistakes – and yours.

Photography – Pictures tell the story, and in a visual medium, tell it much better than mere words.We’ve been taking great pictures and using them in our publications (print and web) for more than 20 years. Photography is a passion for all of us, and we enjoy teaching it as well producing awesome images.


Business Development – Imaging – Branding – Print – Broadcast – Internet – Interactive – Advertising – Target Marketing – Consulting

Let us help you put your best image out there – in print, on the web. Let everyone know who you are and what you do! You’re in the driver’s seat. Let us build you a vehicle that gets you where you want to go!